Mice who prefer to fail, text for the exhibition.

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Back in 2012, living in the Netherlands at that time, I had the pleasure to make a cartoon exhibition called “Mice who prefer to fail”. The exhibition was held in beautiful Utrecht, at the wonderful Mary K Hotel. To this day it is one of the things I did that I have enjoyed the most. I had written this text to accompany the exhibition Enjoy:


“On these endless loops and ups and downs and yin and yangs and what if’s and what if not’s. On goals and fouls and games and winning and losing and tricks. Ambitions and boredoms, amazing wins and glorious fails and the life we spent in between of all these extremes imposed by everything around us and in the end imposed by our wonderful and terrible minds we give mice who prefer to fail. Sketches about laughing with failure and feeling somehow sorry for success. Thinking that success can be overrated and failure many times exaggerated, and what the hell we might as well party in the stages in between which is either way the biggest percentage of our lives. Lives with tremendous flaws and tremendous strengths. Sketches that started out of roaring laughters with friends in trainings in the Netherlands, and grown as afterthoughts in Greece, in a book drawn between wonderful love and chaotic protests, and grown and grown in a manual in a book in comics and now here we are in Utrecht hanging them on walls.
All these drawings could be a lot better, but then again they could be a lot worse, so in the end they might as well be as they are, for whatever that is worth to anyone.
Thanks for coming, rejoice, have fun,
success is overrated.”
More Mice who prefer to fail:
The Exhibition place: Mary K Hotel in Utrecht

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