The Rabbit Knows at Verba Volant Monumenta Manent


I am very happy to see my drawing “Anarchy in the Caryatids” featured in the blog Verba Volant Monumenta Manent of Carolina Dellonte, a lovely blog about ancient culture and civilization, full with great original pictures of ancient monuments and sites taken by herself on her trips and explorations.


Miss Carolina Dellonte is a pilot and a writer from Italy, and here she is happily holding a “Anarchy in Sparta” notebook with my cartoons 🙂


Read more about her and her latest book here: “My Heart at Zero Gravity: A Girl, a Plane and Their Story”. 

Thank you Carolina! Best Greetings from Greece!



The Rabbit Knows at “Breaking News Athens” Exhibition.

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Once upon a time, during the famous and richly debated “Documenta 14” exhibition in Athens, I had drawn a cartoon making a bit of fun with the whole culture clash situation (here it is!).

To my pleasant surprise, last week I learned that this cartoon had been used in the exhibition “Breaking News Athens”, organized by Neon at spring of 2017. By the way here you can see a very nice 360 tour of the exhibition.

I am very happy someone was kind enough to send me the picture of my cartoon there and really made my day.  I am lucky to have people enjoying my art that take the time and initiative to actually contact, to inform and to send pictures and words.