The Rabbit Knows at Souvenir Expo Greece 2020

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Κάπως έτσι θα μας βρείτε στην Έκθεση “Παρουσίες” Souvenir Expo Greece. Με “Αναρχία στις Καρυάτιδες – 2,500 χρόνια πονοκέφαλος”, με “Αναρχία στη Νοσταλγία” ανανεωμένη, και με άλλα πολλά και ωραία. Τα λέμε εκεί μέχρι και την Κυριακή το απόγευμα!

This is how you will find us, at the Souvenir Expo Greece “Parousies”. With “Anarchy in the Caryatids – 2,500 years of headache”, with “Anarchy in Nostalgia” reloaded, and with many more beautiful things. See you there until Sunday evening!

The Rabbit Knows & It’s all, oh so souvenir to me

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The Rabbit Knows at “Breaking News Athens” Exhibition.

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Once upon a time, during the famous and richly debated “Documenta 14” exhibition in Athens, I had drawn a cartoon making a bit of fun with the whole culture clash situation (here it is!).

To my pleasant surprise, last week I learned that this cartoon had been used in the exhibition “Breaking News Athens”, organized by Neon at spring of 2017. By the way here you can see a very nice 360 tour of the exhibition.

I am very happy someone was kind enough to send me the picture of my cartoon there and really made my day.  I am lucky to have people enjoying my art that take the time and initiative to actually contact, to inform and to send pictures and words.





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Κάνω μία έκθεση αλλά φοβάμαι μην εκτεθώ…

Αναρχία στη Νοσταλγία:

Αυτό που προσπαθώ να πω είναι ότι προσπαθώ να πω κάτι. Ότι προσπαθώ εδώ και χρόνια να πω κάτι και προσπαθώ να το πω μιλώντας, ταξιδεύοντας, δουλεύοντας, σχεδιάζοντας αλλά κυρίως προσπαθώ να το πω ζωγραφίζοντας Αυτό που προσπαθώ να πω είναι ότι προσπαθώ να πω κάτι, ενώ δεν είναι ανάγκη να πω κάτι. Δηλαδή πώς να το πω, ούτε το ζήτησε κανείς, ούτε χρειάζεται, ούτε πρέπει να πω κάτι αλλά νοιώθω ότι καλό θα ήταν κάποιος να πει κάτι, και ότι καλό θα ήταν μάλλον εγώ να πω κάτι, οπότε μάλλον έχω κάτι να πω.
Αυτό που εδώ και καιρό προσπαθώ να πω είναι ότι, όχι δε θυμάμαι τον παλιό καλό καιρό.

Ούτε τον παλιό, ούτε και τον καινούριο.

Αυτό που προσπαθώ να πω είναι ότι το ένδοξο παρελθόν, των άλλων και το δικό μου, με κάνει να νοιώθω σαν να προσπαθώ να μπω σε ένα φίσκα γεμάτο μετρό και προσπαθώ να χωθώ και εγώ αλλά δε μπορώ γιατί μέσα είναι ο παλιός καλός καιρός με όλη την παρέα του και έχει πιάσει και τις θέσεις και το διάδρομο και την πόρτα και δεν έχουν σκοπό να κατέβουν, και δε χωράω να μπω να πάω εκεί που θέλω, και προσπαθώ με αγωνία να σπρώξω και να μπω αλλά πουθενά. Και ασφυκτιώ και αγχώνομαι και θα αργήσω και δεν είμαι καθόλου καλά και μάλλον θα μείνω απέξω να περιμένω αγχωμένος στη στάση ενώ οχρόνος θα συνεχίσει να κυλά αδιάκοπα χωρίς εμένα μέσα.
Αυτό που προσπαθώ να πω είναι ότι προσπαθώ να πω κάτι, και αυτό το κάτι είναι ότι δε θυμάμαι τον παλιό καλό καιρό.

Ούτε τον παλιό, ούτε και τον καινούριο.

Μόνο στο μετρό τον βλέπω και συγχύζομαι. Και ούτε θέλω να μου τον θυμίσει κανείς, ευχαριστώ. Και στο ταξίδι αυτό του χρόνου θέλω να μπω και εγώ, όχι από την πίσω πόρτα ούτε κατ’ εξαίρεση, ούτε χαριστικά. Θέλω να μπω όταν θέλω, όπως θέλω και να πάω όπου θέλω. Ευχαριστώ.

The Rabbit Knows 2018. 

(Το κείμενο αυτό συνόδευε την έκθεση “Αναρχία στη Νοσταλγία”  που έγινε την Άνοιξη του 2018 στο It’s all oh so souvenir to me!)


(Φωτογραφίες του Γιώργου Φιοράκη) (in

The first personal exhibition of the sketch artist ”The Rabbit knows!” – Anarchy in Nostalgia.

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I am exhibiting but am afraid of being exposed…

Anarchy in Nostalgia

What I am trying to say is that I am trying to say something. I am trying to say something years now, and I am trying to say it by talking, travelling, working, designing but mainly I am trying to say it by drawing. What I am trying to say is that I am trying to say something. That I have something to say while I don’t have to say something. It is neither required nor asked from me, but I really feel that somebody has to say something. So it would be good that I should say something, and so I probably have something to say.

What I am trying to say since a long time ago, is that, no, I don’t remember the good old days. Neither the old nor the new ones. What I am trying to say is that the glorious past, the past of others and my own as well, makes me feel like am trying to enter a packed and full metro, and I am desperately trying to get in but I can’t, because inside it are the good old days together with all their friends and they have taken all the seats and the corridor and the doors as well and they have no intention of getting off, and I can’t fit, and I can’t get in and I can’t go where I want to go. And I am trying, and I am pushing and I am squeezing and I am stressed and I will be late and I am not ok and I think I will never manage to get in and I will stay out, stressed and worried, while time goes by, endlessly without me. What I am trying to say is that I am trying to say something, and this something is that I don’t remember the good old days. Neither the old nor the new ones. I only run into them in the metro and I get furious. And I don’t want anybody to remind me of them. And in this voyage of time, I also want to get in, not through the back door, not as an exception and not as a favor. I want to get it when I want to, the way I want to and where I want to. Thank you.

The Rabbit Knows 2018.


It’s all, oh so souvenir to me presents the first personal exhibition of sketch artist The Rabbit knows!
The concept behind the exhibition “Anarchy in Nostalgia” focuses on ancient Greece, on the Greek tragedies, on the Greek philosophers and the Odyssey and, of course, on the contemporary Greek culture and modern history. Through a series of sketches, dedicated to (what else?) anarchy, The Rabbit knows raises points such as self-awareness, nostalgia, compassion and stubbornness. His clever, black humor, may come across as innocent and childish, in the same way as his sketches, but his sharp tongue and controversial points of view stand out and are, in fact, disarming!

Artist’s Bio:
The Rabbit Knows was born in Thessaloniki at 1983. He has lived and worked in Thessaloniki, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Athens. He is a self-taught cartoonist and is creating through this nickname for the last ten years. His work includes the series “Anarchy”, “Mice who prefer to fail” and “Little People”. He has illustrated education books on communication and personal development, has presented his work in another solo exhibition in Utrecht at 2012 (“Mice who prefer to fail”) and has participated in group exhibitions in Amsterdam and Thessaloniki. Since 2016 he is living in Athens where he makes cartoons with satirical, social, political and philosophical content and is freely experimenting with various forms of the visual arts.

More information: / facebook instagram

It’s all, oh so souvenir to me / gift shop @TAF the art foundation
Normanou 5, Monastiraki / T. 210.3238757 & 211.0128233
Monday to Sunday: 11.00 – 21.00

Opening: 22 March on 20.00
Till the 15th of April 2018